Pupil Ambassadors


At the beginning of September, the children in years 1 to 6 are asked to think about who would be the best representatives of their new classes. Two children are elected from each of these classes to become Pupil Ambassadors. The Pupil Ambassadors are expected to be the voice of their classes so Pupil Ambassadors have to be very good listeners. They have to be able to share their classes’ ideas and opinions with the rest of the school through Pupil Ambassador meetings. Pupil Ambassador members then have to feedback to their own classes the things that have been discussed at the Pupil Ambassador meeting. Pupil Ambassadors also get involved in fundraising and whole-school events.

A classroom ambassador is a model pupil who sets high standards with regard to behaviour and learning. They have been selected because they really care about the well-being of the children in our school, treating others how they want to be treated and believe listening to one another is extremely important in moving the school forward.

Here are some quotes from our Pupil Ambassadors about how they see their role in school:

Kiana  ‘To keep everyone safe and make sure everyone respects each other.’ 

Alen ‘ To make our school a friendly place to be’

Ben ‘ I want to help people who are new to our school’

Joe ‘To improve children’s wellbeing’

Alexander ‘ To make people feel happy’

Ella ‘ To cheer people up’

Some of their responsibilities include:

  • Meeting and greeting visitors
  • Leading events
  • Conducting Pupil surveys
  • Observing learning in classrooms and playground behaviour
  • Improving areas and environments in school
  • Contributing to Newsletters
  • Communicating with other pupil and teachers








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