Meet Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher: Mrs Chisnall
Deputy Headteacher: Mrs McCormack
Assistant Headteacher/Curriculum Leader (Foundation Subjects) EYFS Leader: Mr Brown
Assistant Headteacher (Foundation Subjects)/KS1 Leader: Mr Ibbotson

School Business Manager: Miss Dale
Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL), Attendance Leader and Pastoral Leader: Mrs Branch


Middle Leadership Team

SENCO: Miss Mercer
Y6 Leader: Mrs Houghton
Y5 Leader: Miss Mawdsley
Y4 Leader: Miss Bloor
Y3  Leader: Mrs Rothwell
Y2 Leader Leader: Mrs Bushell
Y1  Leader: Mrs Bushell
EYFS Leader: Miss Tyson

Teachers and Learning Assistants

  Teaching Staff Learning Assistants
Nursery Mrs Davies/Mrs Fawkes Mrs Connolly & Mrs Ireland
Reception Miss Tyson, Mrs Mawer, Mrs Ballard Miss Isaacs, Mrs Holbrook, Mrs Colvin, Mrs Bradley, Miss Conley, Miss Farrell, Miss Pillage, Mrs Ladva, Mrs Keenan
Year 1 Mrs Pimbley, Miss Hamnett, Miss Spratt Miss Pinder & Mrs Griffiths
Year 2 Mrs Bushell, Miss Dowson, Miss Clayton Mrs Gorman & Mrs N McCarthy
Year 3 Mrs Rothwell, Miss Jones, Miss Cooper Miss Seddon, Miss White, Miss Tarbuck
Year 4 Miss Bloor, Mr Roberts, Miss Pettersen Mrs McClymont, Mrs Green, Miss Mellan
Year 5 Miss Mawdsley, Mr Harwood, Mr Chesworth Mrs Bennion & Miss McKeon
Year 6 Mrs Houghton, Mrs Porter, Mrs Davies, Mrs Preston Mrs Joughin, Mrs Frame, Mrs Brewster, Mrs Sudworth, Miss Roden
PPA Cover Miss Merry, Miss Clitheroe, Miss Butler
HLTA Mrs Ireland, Mrs Leyland N/A
Therapeutic Teacher/Councillor Mrs Almond N/A

School Office

School Business Manager: Miss Dale
Office Manager: Mrs Dunn
Administration Assistant: Mrs A McCarthy
Clerical Officers: Mrs Meighen, Mrs Curnow


Pastoral Leader: Mrs Branch
Family Intervention Worker: Miss Nelson


ICT Technician: Mr Connolly

Midday Supervisors

Mrs Furbey, Mrs Dixon, Mrs McClymont, Mrs Harper, Mrs Khatun, Miss Caferty, Miss Tarbuck, Mrs Winnard, Mrs Colvin, Mrs Tate, Mrs Cartwright, Mrs Green, Miss Mellan, Miss Helsby, Mrs McCollom, Miss Taylor, Mrs Rawley and Mrs Ladva.

Early Birds and Night Owls (Before and After School Club)

Early Birds and Night Owls Manager: Mrs Hayward

Early Birds:
Mrs Joughin, Mrs Frame, Mrs Cartwright, Mrs Furbey, Mrs Dixon, Miss White, Mrs Brewster & Mrs Bennion.

Night Owls:
Mrs Cartwright, Mrs Furbey, Mrs Evans, Mrs Harper, Miss Tarbuck, Mrs Brewster, Miss Cafferty, Mrs Dixon & Miss Farrell.

Site Staff

Site Manager: Mr Cassidy
Cleaners: Mr Morley, Mrs Prescott, Ms Hughes and Miss Shelton.                            
Catering Staff

Head Cook - Mrs Cammack
Kitchen Assistants: Miss Waring, Mrs Rigby, Miss Wilkinson, Ms Griffiths, Mr Roberts and Miss Dennis.

School Nurse - Joanne Gross

Joanne can be contacted at:

Child Health Nurse (RCN)
(0-19 Child Health Service)
North West Boroughs Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
Woodside Healthcare Centre
Woodside Road
St Helens
WA11 0NA
Tel: 01744 624321









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