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SEMH (Social, Emotional and Mental Health) Provision Map


At Newton-le-Willows Primary School, we strive to ‘Nurture the Potential to Succeed’ within all our pupils. We recognise positive mental health as an integral factor in achieving this and understand the importance of nurturing the emotional wellbeing of all within our care. We aim to provide a welcoming environment to provide positive emotional wellbeing, identifying children’s needs and early signs of mental distress, giving children the tools and strategies that they need to regulate and manage their own emotions. At Newton-le-Willows, we employ a 4-stage approach towards championing mental health within our school dependent on circumstance and the severity of need.

Stage 1 (All pupils)

  • Positive and inviting learning environments
  • Daily, predictable routines depicted by visual timetables
  • Designated regulation stations within classrooms for pupils to access
  • Breakout spaces within and outside of classrooms
  • Weekly PHSE/ RE sessions
  • Weekly ‘Get Together’ assemblies
  • Picture News Assembly
  • Restorative behaviour approach
  • Coaching approach used by staff/ school mentors
  • Rewards: Marvellous Me, VIP, recognition cards, STRIVE Café
  • Curriculum enrichment through school clubs/ trips
  • Pupil ambassadors to discuss any schoolwide issues
  • Play leaders
  • Anti-bullying week/ odd socks day
  • Open door policy between home and school


Stage 2

  • Initial meeting with year group lead and parent to identify difficulty/ area of need.
  • Parents/ carers signposted to helpful resources to support the child.
  • Social stories
  • Access to specific texts or resources e.g. Worrysaurus, Pantosaurus  
  • Direction to safe space/ regulation zone
  • Worry boxes
  • Daily check in with a trusted adult
  • Weekly ‘chatterbox’ sessions with an LSA
  • Specific teaching of regulation strategies i.e. breathing techniques, calming activities.  
  • Working with a trusted adult to develop a self-help toolkit to draw upon.
  • Friendship/ social communication groups
  • Bespoke provision for identified pupils: transition activity, Now and Next timetable, comfort objects, reward charts

Stage 3

  • Further meeting with parent/ carer after 6-week monitoring period at level 2 to discuss next steps
  • Referral to in-house services i.e. TAC team or Pastoral Team
  • Therapeutic sessions: art therapy, sand therapy, Lego Therapy, Weekly drop-ins
  • Bespoke intervention delivered by a trusted adult e.g. Anger Gremlins, Talkabout, Lego Therapy
  • Support in the home from Family Support Worker
  • Family support from the TAC Team
  • Referral to external support for parents e.g. Beacon Behaviours/ Stepping Stones
  • Regular check ins throughout the day with a link mentor
  • Progress card/ IBP alongside intensive coaching
  • Nurture lunch support group
  • Morning meet and greet place
    Kooth - Year 6 onwards

Stage 4

  • Leadership involvement
  • PSP/ Provision Maps
  • Bespoke support from the Behaviour improvement team.
  • Referral to an external agency based on area of need: Bernados, Listening Ear, CAMHs, TESSA
  • School Health- In House Sessions delivered by the Emotional Wellbeing Nurse


Other Useful Resources

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  2. Young Minds -
  3. MindEd -
  4. Mental Health Guide -
  5. Kooth -
     6. Place2Be - 









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