Curriculum Intent and Our Actions


Newton Primary School Curriculum Intent

At Newton Primary School the breadth of our curriculum intent is informed by our local context and demographics.

The curriculum is underpinned by our school values, characteristics of effective learning and our academic curriculum uses the EYFS and the National Curriculum Framework as the basis for content and expectations.

Every child is recognised as a unique individual. We celebrate and welcome differences within our school community. The ability to learn is underpinned by the teaching of skills, knowledge, concepts and values.

We constantly provide enrichment opportunities to engage learners and raise aspirations of our children and families. We know that rich learning experiences and working in partnership creates a climate of excellence which promotes a thirst for knowledge and the power of possibility.

It is our intent to provide pupils with a holistic experience through quality first teaching and school provision to become confident, responsible citizens who demonstrate respectful relationships and positive learning attitudes. Providing a coherent, structured academic curriculum that leads to sustained mastery for all and a deeper understanding for those who are capable.

Our curriculum embraces the rich cultural heritage of the locality, as well as the wider world; it provides opportunities for study beyond the classroom and encourages pupils to consider their roles and responsibilities within the world.  We have strong links with the community and Hope Academy. We plan for visiting experts to share their knowledge and experience with pupils and provide regular opportunities for parental engagement.

Our school spent a lot of time thinking about our curriculum. After listening to the children, parents, staff and governors, we agreed on the 'intent' for our curriculum. This can be found below.

School and Curriculum Intent

In designing our curriculum, we spent time recognising the specific/unique contextual needs of our school and our children. Therefore, our curriculum design initially aims to address ten key contextual aspects.

They are to:

  1. Encourage our children to be aspirational so that they reach their true potential.
  2. Develop children’s language, vocabulary and communication skills.
  3. Promote a love of a reading.
  4. Develop our children’s ‘cultural capital’ by providing a wide range of experiences and opportunities.
  5. Ensure children have a strong understanding of, and exposure to, diversity and British Values.
  6. Support the social and emotional development of our children.
  7. Give children opportunities to be creative.
  8. Encourage children to keep themselves safe.
  9. Encourage children to be active.
  10. Work in partnership with parents and the local community.


You can see how each of these intent statements look, in action, at our school by downloading our 'School and Curriculum Intent’ document at the bottom of this page.

General Design Considerations

With the above in mind, our curriculum design also aims to:

-Encourage high standards in all we do.

-Include opportunities for children to develop their life skills and be exposed to first-hand, experiential  learning.

-Ensure the full breadth of the National Curriculum is delivered as a minimum pupil entitlement and is tailored to the needs and interests of our children.

-Ensure that our curriculum is coherent and progressive.

-Make explicit the knowledge it intends to impart, and deepen, through a knowledge-led approach that underpins the development of ‘skills’ and ‘competencies.’

-Ensure that clear and purposeful links are made within and across subjects to help develop children’s ‘schemata.’

-Provide children with regular opportunities to recall, and reflect on, their learning so that it sticks in their long-term memory.

-Protect the ‘subjectness of subjects’ so that children are clear on what they are learning and how they can progress.

-Provide children with opportunities to learn from, and about, their locality and its heritage.

-Promote a clear set of personal, social and learner values – our STRIVE (see 'values' on our homepage).


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