Inclusion and SEND


Newton Primary School is a fully inclusive school. The key principle that our school adopts is that each child is a unique individual and has the right to education which develops their full potential. They have the right to a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum and the right to access the whole curriculum. Every child has the right to expect to make progress.


All children are entitled to an education that enables them to:

  • Achieve their best
  • Become confident individuals living fulfilling lives; and
  • Make a successful transition to adulthood

At Newton Primary School, great care is taken to identify and support children who have a significantly greater difficulty in learning than the majority of others of the same age, or who have a disability which prevents them from making use of educational facilities.


Each pupil’s current skills and levels of attainment are judged on entry. Regular assessments of progress are made and where pupils are falling behind or making limited progress, despite high quality teaching targeted at their areas of weakness, the teacher and SENCo work together, with parents/carers, to assess whether the child has a significant learning difficulty. Where this is the case, agreement is reached about the SEN support that is required.


Identification includes the use of high quality assessment and where necessary, may include more specialised assessments from external agencies and professionals.


Parent/carers know their children best, and we listen and understand when they express concerns about their child’s development. We also listen to and address any concerns raised by children themselves.


Where our level of concern increases, other agencies may become involved e.g. Educational Psychology Service, Speech and Language Service, etc. This may sometimes be followed by formal assessment, the outcome of which may be an application for an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).


All children are catered for, whatever their current rate of progress or attainment, in the differentiated planning of class teachers and through working with other partners.  Interventions are implemented for those children who require additional support within specific subjects or aspects of learning.


The Special Educational Needs Co-ordintator (SENCO) at our school is Miss Mercer. She can be contacted via the main school office on 01744 678390.

Please follow the link below to access information and services relating to St Helens' Council Local Offer.

For our Equality and Accessibility Policies and Action Plans, please see our Statutory Policies section of the website.



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