School Routines, Rules and Guidelines


Time of Arrival

Children should not arrive at school more than ten minutes before the start of the school day. The school will accept no responsibility for any child who arrives earlier. It must be clearly understood by parents that there is no supervision in the school playground before the start of the school day.

School Day

The school day is as follows:

The children should be in the school yard by 8.45 am to ensure a prompt start to the school day. Children should be collected promptly at the end of the school day. If parents are delayed or cannot get to school on time, a phone call would be appreciated.

Break-times and Lunch-times

All children are expected to play out (weather permitting) at break times and lunch times. If a child is not well enough to play outside with the other children, then they are not normally well enough to be in school.

Use of School Car Park

The school has a small car park which is to be used for staff cars, disabled drivers, deliveries and visitors with appointments.

The school has strict procedures for the use of the school car park, particularly at the crucial times at the start and end of the school day. Details of the school’s arrangements for the use of the school car park are available at the school office.

Any cars parked on the zigzag lines during the prohibited hours will be immediately reported to the police – the health and safety of all our children has to be our first consideration.

Money or Cheques sent to school

Money or cheques for any purpose, e.g. dinner money, visits, name tapes, etc should be sent to school in sealed envelopes with the child’s name, class, amount enclosed and the purpose for which it is intended clearly written on the envelope.


Medical Matters

It is vitally important that we should be informed of any medical condition which may give rise to difficulties in school, e.g. diabetes, epilepsy, rare blood group, asthma, sight defect, speech defect, hearing defect or any condition which may affect your child’s learning and time at school.



Medicals and Routine Checks

The school nurse attends school a few times a year. Parents are always informed in advance of a doctor’s visit that may involve their child. The school nurse makes frequent and regular visits to school for such tests as hygiene, sight, hearing and so on. The visits may be known in advance and are often requested by the Headteacher following the outbreak of a particular problem, e.g. head lice etc.

First Aid Matters

The school has several qualified first aid officers, details of whom are available at the office. First aid will be administered at school, whenever necessary, following procedures laid down by St Helens LEA, details of which are available at school. If parents have any concerns or worries, please contact the school.

Exclusion from School

The Headteacher may, in extreme circumstances, ask a parent/carer to keep a child at home until a particular health problem has been dealt with or medical treatment commenced under supervision of a doctor.


Lunch Time Arrangements

School meals are available at school and dinner money for a week’s dinners should be sent to school in advance on Monday mornings or the first school day of the week. Dinner money should be sent in a sealed envelope with the child’s name and the amount clearly marked.

Provision is made for pupils who prefer to bring a packed lunch but drinks/food should only be brought in plastic containers. Please note that at least two weeks notice must be given if a child wishes to change from school dinner to packed lunches.

Parents whose children are entitled to free school meals or are unsure about entitlement may receive details from the school office or St Helens LEA.

Currently all pupils in Reception, Year1 and Year2 are entitled to a Universal Free School meal. However, we encourage parents to complete the ‘free school meal and clothing grant’ application form if you feel you qualify for this benefit.Currently all pupils in Reception, Year1 and Year2 are entitled to a Universal Free School meal. However, we encourage parents to complete the ‘free school meal and clothing grant’ application form if you feel you qualify for this benefit.


School Uniform and Code of Dress

The school has agreed a uniform policy and copies of the agreed code of dress are available at the school office. The uniform arrangements were agreed after consultation with the entire school community, including staff, parents and governors. Parent support is asked for with regard to this matter. The precise details are as follows:-

Navy skirt or dark grey trousers
White polo shirt
Navy blue sweatshirt
Black sensible heel shoes
Summer dresses – blue stripe/gingham

In addition children will also require navy blue shorts or skirt, plain blue top and black pumps for physical education. For outdoor activities pupils are permitted to wear ‘sensible trainers’. Trainer boots are not suitable for school PE activities.

The Governing Body and staff of the school are asking for parents’ full support on these matters within the usual spirit and cooperation which exists at Newton-le-Willows Primary. Further information is available at school.

Most items of school uniform can be purchased from a number of stores in the area although the ‘school crest’ items can only be purchased at school.

Items of clothing for school must be clearly labelled to avoid items being lost or mixed up.

P.E. kit should be kept in school and taken home at the end of each half-term. Please ensure that your child’s kit is kept in a small bag and not a ‘huge sports bag’ – the classrooms and cloakrooms are small and space is at a premium.

At various times during the school year, certain classes/year groups attend swimming lessons. Parents are asked to ensure that their child(ren) has the appropriate clothing, e.g. costume, towel, verruca sock (if needed), swimming hat (if hair is long), etc.


It is a very strict rule of the school that jewellery is not permitted except for watches and stud earrings. Previous experiences of accidents, injuries, lost items, unsuitable items and health and safety concerns make this a necessary requirement. This ban on jewellery includes sleeper earrings – parents who wish their child to have their ears pierced that involves sleeper earrings should arrange for this to be done at the start of the summer holidays, thus ensuring that the earrings can be removed on returning to school.

Makeup and Nail Polish

Makeup is expressly forbidden including the wearing of nail polish. If any child attends school wearing makeup or nail polish, the Headteacher will insist it is removed immediately.


Hair Styles

Hair should be of a plain, sensible style. If in doubt, please ask for advice before the hair is restyled or cut.


Contact with Parents

Appointments with the Headteacher

The Headteacher is always willing, whenever possible, to meet parents to discuss with them any matter concerning their child and the school. If parents have an important matter to discuss they should ring for an appointment so that sufficient time is available to allow for a full and valuable discussion.

Parental Visits to School

Parents are encouraged to visit the school regularly to discuss their child’s work. Parents’ open evenings are held twice each year. A parents’ open afternoon/evening is held once a year, to have a look around the school, the class teaching areas and their child(ren)’s immediate working environment.

Annual Pupils Reports

An annual report for each child will be sent to parents prior to the end of the summer term and an opportunity to discuss the report will be given to all parents/carers.

Keeping parents Informed

Parents are kept informed of events organised in school and generally about school-life by a parents’ newsletter and on the school website. In addition, individual letters may be sent home on particular issues.

We also send home a termly information booklet for parents that outlines the work your child(ren) will be covering during the term as well as the homework arrangements for your child’s particular year group.

Volunteer Helpers

Parents and others are encouraged to help in school in a variety of ways, e.g. hearing readers, helping with activities, sports day, educational visits, etc. We believe that such involvement helps build the sense of community which exists at Newton-le-Willows Primary School.

Parents, Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA)

Our PTFA plays a very important part in the life of the school. It helps to provide a valuable link between home and school by organising activities which improve relationships between staff, parents and children. The members of the PTFA work very hard to support the education of all our children by helping to raise fund to purchase equipment which is not normally provided by the LEA/Government. A list of this year’s committee is available at school.


Suggestions are always welcome from parents/carers and the Headteacher is willing to discuss any ideas put forward. Please arrange an appointment to discuss such matters.


The 1988 Education Act requires the establishment of a procedure for dealing with complaints. If any one has cause for concern they should express this initially to the school. If the issue remains unresolved the problem should be put fully in writing and sent to the Headteacher. The issue will then be dealt with in accordance with the procedure laid down in the Act. The school’s Complaints Procedures are available at school.

All complaints will be dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible. The length of the period will vary with the gravity and complexity of the complaint and the urgency to which it needs to be settled. However, the intention is that all complaints should be settled within a period which is reasonable in all the circumstances. Urgent complaints will be investigated fully, fairly and carefully, and complainants will be kept informed of progress during, as well as at the end of each stage.

Absences from School

Parents are asked to ensure that appointments with doctors, hospitals, clinics, dentists, etc are notified to the school beforehand whenever possible, either in writing or by telephone. If this is not possible, please notify the school as soon as possible thereafter.

Parents should notify the school of a child’s absence as soon as the absence commences by telephone, verbal message or written note. The main reason for this is to ensure the safety of all our children as regards arriving at school when they should, etc.

Each year the school has to publish its most up to date rates of authorised and unauthorised absences. Up to date information is available in the latest Annual governors’ report to Parents or from the school office.


A list of school holidays for the present academic year is to be found elsewhere on this site. Parents should particularly note the holiday arrangements/details stated earlier.

Absence from Particular Activities/Lessons

Requests for temporary exclusion from certain activities, e.g. swimming, games, etc should be made in writing. If the request is for more than two weeks, a medical certificate may be requested by the Headteacher. Parents should note that P.E and Games are part of the National Curriculum and all pupils are expected to play a full and active part in all such activities, unless there is good reason for a temporary exclusion.

Leaving the School Premises for Appointments, etc

If a child needs to leave school during the working day, they must be accompanied by an adult. This is for obvious reasons and to ensure the safety of the children.

Change of Address/Telephone Number

Every change of address or telephone number or change of details re emergency contact arrangements must be reported immediately to the school, even if they are temporary. The school has a text messaging system which parents/carers can sign up to by providing up to date mobile phone numbers.

Data Protection Act

Basic information about pupils and their families is held on computer to assist the efficient running of the school and the individual’s educational needs. More detailed information is available on request. At certain times throughout the school year, the data sheets are sent home for checking, amending and returning to ensure the information is kept up to date.

Charging and Remissions Policy

Due to Government legislation the Governing Body have agreed a Charging Policy for certain activities in school. This states that for activities which take place during school time a voluntary contribution may be asked for. However, in cases where a parent is not able/does not want to make a contribution, no child will be debarred from the activity on financial grounds. We hope that parents understand that there comes a point when, if contributions are not forthcoming, a trip or activity may become financially unviable and will therefore have to cancelled for all children. In cases of financial hardship, parents are invited to contact the Headteacher in confidence where suitable arrangements will be made without exception.

With regard to charging, the Governing Body have adopted the following:-

1. a policy of charging for loss or breakage of school textbooks and equipment in accordance with the Authority’s guidelines. A charge will only be made where there has been lack of care, negligence or malicious intent.

2. a policy of seeking voluntary contributions for activities which take place during school hours such as educational visits and theatre visits. Such contributions are entirely voluntary and pupils will not be excluded where parents do not make a contribution.

3. a policy of charging for materials or ingredients where it has been indicated in advance that the guardian or parent will own the finished product.


Statistical Information/Test Results

Any relevant statistical information, including the most recent SATs' result is is available from the school and can also be found on our website. Any queries with regard to such information should be referred to the Headteacher.


Access to Information

On request, the school will provide parents with access to records of subject policy and curriculum policy documentation and any other policy guidance material applicable to the school. If copies are required a charge may be made to cover the printing and copying costs.

Disclaimer - Updates to the Guidelines

The contents of these guidelines are intended as a source for information for parents. However it should not be assumed that there will be no change affecting the relevant arrangements in some particular matter, either before the start or during the school year in question or in subsequent years. Any amendments will be issued to parents as and when required.


Newton-le-Willows Primary is a school with a proud tradition which seeks to implement the highest of ideals of education standards for all its pupils. Our aim is to provide a wide range of educational opportunities, to care for each individual child, to insist on discipline of the highest standards and to generally help prepare each child for the future that lies ahead of them. This will hopefully be recognised by the parents who will not hesitate to select our school as their first choice, to provide primary education for their child(ren).




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