Newton-le-Willows Primary School Governing Body 

Headteacher - Mrs Chisnall
Chair of Governors - Mr G Limb
Vice Chair of Governors - Mr I Colvin

Parent Governors
Mrs S Wilkinson
Mr S O'Garra

Local Authority Governor
Cllr J Bell

Coopted Governors
Mrs M Neale
Mrs E Charleston
Mrs E Irwin
Mr G Limb
Mr A Currie
Mrs J Davies

Mr I Colvin



Staff Governors
Mrs L Bushell

Parent governors are elected by the parents/carers and the term of office is four years. When a position becomes vacant nominations will be asked for and an election involving all registered parents and guardians will take place. Parents/carers will be notified of the precise details at the appropriate time.

Coopted governors are appointed by the Governing Body and their term of office is four years.

LA governors are appointed by the Local Authority and their term of office is four years

Staff governors are elected by the staff for four years from the date of appointment

Frequency of Meetings

The Governing Body meet as and when necessary but a minimum of once per half-term. 

Governors' Role

Governors have a vital role to play in ensuring our school provides the best possible education for our children.

They are responsible for:

1. Ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
2. Hold the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils; and the performance management of staff 
3. Oversee the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

If you have any questions, or are interested in becoming a Governor at our school, contact either the Headteacher or Chair of Governors for more information.

Governing Body Composition

Type of Governor No.
Coopted 8
Headteacher 1
Local Authority 1
Parent 3
Staff 1


Names of Governors Type of Governor Term of Office Date of Appointment

Date of resignation/End of Term of Office

(if within the last 12 months)

Appointing Body
Mr G. Limb (Chair) Coopted 4 Years 10th Dec 2020   Governing Body

Mr I. Colvin

(Vice Chair)

Coopted 4 Years  8th July 2021   Governing Body
Mrs E. Charleston Coopted 4 Years 8th Apr 2021   Governing Body
Cllr J Bell Local Authority 4 Years 2nd July 2020   Local Authority
Mrs M. Neale Coopted 4 Years 28th Mar 2018   Governing Body
Mrs E. Irwin Coopted 4 Years 22nd Oct 2020   Governing Body
Mr R. Holbrook Parent 4 Years 1st Sep 2017 31st August 2021 (End of term of office) Elected by Parents
Mrs L. Chisnall Headteacher 4 Years 9th Oct 2020   Headteacher
Mrs P. Howard Coopted 4 Years  18th Dec 2018 22nd October 2020 (Resigned) Governing body
Mr A. Currie Coopted 4 Years 11th July 2019   Governing Body
Mrs J. Davies Coopted 4 Years 25th Sept 2019   Governing Body
Mr S. Bell Coopted  4 Years 5th Dec 2019 7th Oct 2020 (Resigned) Governing Body
Mr L. Stopforth Coopted 4 Years 5th Dec 2019 30th Nov 2020 (Resigned) Governing Body
Mrs L. Bushell Staff 4 Years  10th Dec 2020   Elected by Staff
Mr S O'Garra Parent 4 Years  16th Nov 2020   Elected by Parents
Mrs S Wilkinson Parent 4 Years 6th June 2021   Elected by Parents


Committee Structure

The Governing body of Newton-le-Willows Primary School has restructured to a Governance model without sub-committees. The Full Governing body meets once per half term and considers all matters relating to school. The terms of reference are available on this page.

The Pay and Performance Committee will continue to meet as and when required and the terms of reference for this committee are available from school upon request. 

Pay and Performance Committee
Remit: To deal with all matters delegated by the Governing Body regarding Pay and Performance of members of staff.
Mr I. Colvin (Vice Chair)
Mrs L. Chisnall
Mrs E. Irwin
Mr G.Limb
Mrs E. Charleston


Ad-hoc Committees:

  • Staff Disciplinary
  • Pupil Discipline
  • Complains
  • Appeals

Three governors with no prior knowledge will be called to form the committee. 

Register of Interests

Name Details of Pecuniary Interest Details of Personal Interest
Mr G. Limb (Chair)

FFT Education Adviser

Local Governor at Byrchall High School

Married to PTFA treasurer

Child attends school

Mr I. Colvin  

(Vice Chair)


Married to LSA in school

Children attend school

Mrs M. Neale Chair of Governors at Penkford School Nil
Mrs E. Charleston Works for Local Autism and Social Communication team at               St. Helens Council Nil
Cllr J. Bell

Board member at Torus Foundation

Local Councillor, St. Helens Council (Cabinet Member for Community Safety)


Mr R. Holbrook Nil

Married to LSA in school

Children attend school

Mrs E. Irwin Nil Children attend school
Mrs J. Davies Nil Nil
Mrs L. Chisnall Nil Nil
Cllr P. Howard Nil Nil
Mr S. Bell Governor at R.L. Hughes Primary School Nil
Mr L. Stopforth    
Mr A. Currie Nil Nil
Mr S O' Garra Nil Partner's mother is an LSA at school
Mrs L Bushell Nil Nil
Mrs S Wilkinson Nil Nil


Attendance Record

Name of Governor Dates of Full Governing Body Meetings Attended
   23rd Sep 2021 (Virtual)   21st Oct 2021   16th Dec 2021   10th Feb 2022   31st March 2022   20th May 2022  14th July 2022
Yes No   Yes No  Yes  No  Yes No Yes No Yes No   Yes No
Mr G. Limb (Chair)                            
Mr I. Colvin (Vice Chair)                            
Mrs E. Charleston                            
Mrs M. Neale                            
Mrs L. Chisnall                            
Mrs E. Irwin                            
Mr A. Currie                            
Mrs P. Howard                            
Mrs J. Davies                            
Mr S. Bell                            
Cllr J. Bell                            
Mrs L Bushell                            
Mr S O'Garra                            
Mrs S Wilkinson                            



Name of Governor Dates of Pay and Performance Committee Meetings Attended
Yes No  
Mr I. Colvin (Vice Chair)    
Mr G. Limb    
Mrs L. Chisnall    
Mrs E. Irwin    
Mrs E. Charleston    
Mrs J. Davies    


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