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Information sharing with your child

Include Me TOO is a national charity supporting disabled children, young people and their families from a diverse range of backgrounds based in Wolverhampton. They have put together a resource pack, that we feel valuable to share with you, to prepare families for admission to hospital during the Coronavirus pandemic. Whilst we hope you will not need to use the resource for its intended purpose, it is really important that if your child starts to show symptoms that you are organised. The purpose of the resource would be to provide doctors and nurses with vital information to support your child's safety and dignity, their access, communication, sensory, physical and personal care needs that must be considered and supported.

In addition to this, they have also released their 'All About Me' resource which can be adapted to inform people who care for your child about their individual needs. Resources related to Makaton, challenging behaviour and well-being are also available.

The resources can be accessed via the following link:


Social Stories

Social stories are used to model appropriate social interaction by describing a situation with relevant social cues, other's perspectives, and a suggested appropriate response.

The stories below can be a useful way of educating your child and helping them to understand what is currently happening if they are having difficulty understanding the situation.

(Carol Gray is the founder of social stories. This story does use American terminology such as 'vacation' that can be substituted for English.)

National Autistic Society

The National Autistic Society have a wealth of information and resources for helping those with a diagnosis and their families through this time:



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