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At Newton-le-Willows Primary School we are involved with the School Sports Co-ordinator project and have developed close links with Hope Academy, enabling us to offer our pupils a wide variety of sporting opportunities and clubs, both within school time and as out of school club/activities.

The sporting events held at school are run both by staff from within our staff team, and also using professional coaches who deliver specific clubs for half term periods.

Over the course of this year we have offered sports clubs to all age ranges from Reception right through to Year 6. These range from soccer academies, judo, muliti-skill sports, netball, golf, rugby, hockey, badmington and boys & girls cricket.
We have entered a number of events run by the schools within Newton-le-Willows, as well as those run by St.Helens as borough events. These have included cross country running, swimming galas, boccia, tag rugby and football tournaments.
We have also offered self awareness and defence lessons for our Year 5 & Year 6 pupils held within school time, which were very enjoyable and worthwhile for all pupils and staff alike.




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